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Planika is a small cattery in Slovenia's capital Ljubljana, specialising in Smoke and Cameo Persians, a passion that began in 1995. I have a very small number of cats and breed few litters every year, all of them having at least one Smoke parent. My cattery and cats are registered in CFA and FIFe. I show my Smokes in both organisations and have, for a while, shown them in TICA.

My cats' pedigrees include no pointed or shorthair cats and no green-eyed cats. Also, no agouti tabbies for at least five generations.

(The picture to the right is of sisters Mateja -left- and Alenka -right- at one of the Dutch CFA shows we attended in s-Hertogenbosch (Nov 2001) - I could never show if it weren't for my travel companion - Thank you, Mateja!)

Mateja and Alenka at a Dutch Purrpuss Show
"Planika" is the Slovenian word for "edelweiss" as in the Alpine flower. I thought the tuff chubby little off-white flower with long hair was pretty suitable to go with my Smoke Persians.

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The above picture is of Alenka receiving Dakota's award from Pam DelaBar at the 2002 Awards show in Germany (photo by Chris)... and the one below is of Alenka feeding a horse in Antwerpen, Belgium. European CFA shows are a great excuse for travelling all over and exploring wonderful cities and countries!

Alenka feeding Belgian horse

Need help calculating and keeping up with your cat's CFA regional/national points? Want to calculate your cat's Grand points? Feel free to use my Excel spreadsheet (click here).

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