Planika Smoke Persians banner

Palmetto Smoke Persians, Georgia, USA
top producer of CFA's Nationally and Regionally winning Smoke Persians
pictured above is GC BW RW Palmetto's Like A Rock, CFA's Best Smoke 2001
a HUGE thank you to Pat for entrusting me with Rocky's baby brother!

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Macguss Exotics, Italy
Raul's Devon Rex, Slovenia
Frankie's Page - Frankie the Slovenian MC
L'Amore Vero Russian Blues, Greece

Sitara's Exotics and Persians

D'Eden Lover Cattery

Eripadiso Dilute Persians

Babuschka Persians

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Dega-Bulu, The Netherlands

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CFA Persian Breed Council

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Cat registering associations:
(all Planika Persians are registered in CFA and FIFe)
ACFA - American Cat Fanciers Association
CCA/AFC - The Canadian Cat Association / Association Feline Canadienne
CFA - The Cat Fanciers' Association
CFF - Cat Fanciers Federation
CFSA - Cat Federation of Southern Africa
FIFe - Federation Internationale Feline
GCCF - The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy
TCA - The Traditional Cat Association
TICA - The International Cat Association
Smoke breeders:
Palmetto cattery (Patricia Lichtenberg, USA)
Sitara (Leslie Curtis, Kalifornija, USA)
Soesthill (D. Ray in Anne Edwards, USA)
LeBordo (Linda in Paul Russell, USA
Terowe (Richard Staie in Terry Towe, USA)
S*Sequoyahs (Marie Thiers, Sweden)
Joleigh (Sue Bloomquist, USA)
By Fate (Lenette & Jacob Nielsen, Denmark)
Dream of Glory (Anschi Höfler, Germany)
Slovene pedigreed cat breeders:
Raul's - Orientals and Devon Rex
Lubeona - British Shorthair
'Traum von FF' - Orientals and Siamese
Veterinary clinics:
Klinika za male živali - Zaninovič (LJ)
Veterinarstvo Trstenjak-Zajc (LJ)
Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, Trbovlje
Persian News - international magazine for the Persian cat
Felinološko društvo Ljubljana (FIFe)
Društvo ljubiteljev mačk Ljubljana (TICA)
Cat Fanciers Web Site
Društvo za zaščito živali Ljubljana

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