Enjoy the photos

Pictures from CFA show in
Waremme, Belgium
15/16 February 2003

I would like to start with a picture of Mimmo with his new Grand Champion AND the new Grand Premior! What an achievement! After granding the first Siamese female in Europe, he has now granded the first Siamese male in Europe as well, and a Gran Premier! Some of you might remember Dyn's "vacation" in San Remo last year. Well, now he is known as Grand Champion Kat-O-Wood's Mystic Blue Dynasty (picture on the left). Bravo!!! Right: Mimmo (Domenico Caivano) with GP Mulan's Toto of Brumar, co-owner with Bruno Picasso.

above: the first Bombay to be shown in a European CFA show: Shadowland's Allegra of Brumar
below left : Bruno Picasso with Allegra and one of her Best Kitten rosettes
below right: Bruno with his silver kittens Brumar Mozart and Ultamint Crave

* * *

above: Alenka Unk with Planika Don Juan, black smoke kitten / DJ in Peter Vanwonterghem's final

above left: Ulrike Knueppel with blue smoke kitten Fairy 4 U Holy Smoke!
above right: Gabriele Lueppens with cream smoke kitten LeMarie Mr. Sandman of Gaban

above left: Roland Schichtholz and his black smoke kitten Gemmingstal's Copyright
above right: CH Planika Lunanai, tortie smoke, br/ow: Alenka Unk

above: Martina Hartmann and her black smoke CH Baloghshof Call Me Marie of El Hadi


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