Enjoy the photos

Pictures from CFA show in
Sanford, Florida
05/06 April 2003

This show had one of the nicest classes of Smoke Persians in Championship ever!!!

above: GC Planika Pepelka of Palmetto, she made 4 finals!! Thank you, Pat, for keeping her up so beautifully!

above: Diana Belfatto with the pretty tortie smoke GC BelCats Wh'r Th'rs Smoke Th'rs Fire and
Bob Belfatto with the beautiful black smoke boy GC Belcats Silhouette On The Shade

above: Marianne Byrne and red smoke CH Petovia's Love Me Do of Midas

above: cream shaded boy GC Sunlit's 2% Real Cream of Midas

above: CH Palmetto Chianti

* * *

above: Planika Don Juan, black smoke kitten, made 5 finals

above: highest scoring kitten in show Whitesox Zakota

above: Keith McDaniel with Tazman's Jewel

above: Diane Boettcher with GC Dal-Bo's Dottie Ann and Elaine King with GC Dal-Bo's Bixby of Elking


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