Enjoy the photos

Pictures from CFA show in
Gravenpolder, The Netherlands
23/24 March 2002

Anschi Hoefler, Dreamofglory's Only 4you of El'Abisai (cameo tabby F) and Elvira Trautmann

Angelika Engel and her black Exotic GC Little Devil Midnight

Chris Braun with her new Champion Magic Merlin Ivanhoe, Black Smoke MC

George Cherrie finaling GC Palmetto's Dakota of Planika

Desiree Loot with her kitten trio:
Cuba Libre's Just Pretty, Cuba Libre's Eternal Flame and Cordurex Mighty Mandy of Cuba Libre

Ass. Masterclerk Dick Jans at work

Els van der Heyden with her Red Smoke kitten Mira Bai Diamond Diaz

food fight in progress (Silver Persian breeders with an Attitude)

food fight consequences on one..........

.........and on the other side...

......but in the end, we're all just one big happy family :-)

Hedda Rehmke with her brown patched tabby GC DW GP Mandai's Tequila (9 y/o)

masterclerk Henny Wintershoven with her Portia Ayesha of Wintersgarden checking out her new
toy that they won at the raffle... wonder is she will find it to be big enough

Dega Bulu's Marilyn Monroe, dilute calico kitten

Mrs. Nijhuis-Barrow showing off her new lavender OSH Champion Usuri von Tadschikistan

Anette Koch feeding her Maine Coon "dog" CH Koontucky Major Otti of Waldemaine...

... and trying to catch a teaser

Peter Vanwonterghem as a LH trainee...

...with Joan Miller keeping a close watch

Roger Lawrence finaling GC Baloghshof Polar Bear

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