Cat Story

Dakota, the Man of the House said... Okay girls, I'm going to take a ""quick"" shower and then I'm off to a cat show in Belgium. I'll send you a postcard.

Momma Lara nodded and sighed as she thought to herself... Men! He's going out for a fun weekend and what am I supposed to do? Clean the house and watch the kid?
Lara decided to go out on a shopping spree. Before that, however, she explained to her daugher Luna what grass she may chew and play with and that the tall one is supposed to be left alone. (can you spot Luna in the back?)

She then asked auntie Kata to keep an eye on Luna while she was gone.

Kata said... sure, no problem, meow, turned around and went back to sleep.

Luna sneaked up behind Kata's back and decided to go for it. That tall grass just seemed sooo yummy!! But it's up so high.... can she reach that far? Oh my, her breed standard doesn't help here! Okay, here we go again...

Yess!! Success!!!

Auntie Kata heard the loud meowing and purring, saw what had happened and thought to herself... What is the world coming to? Look at our youth... would somebody please explain to this kid that cats are carnivores.....? ... then she took a nap.

The End.

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